Nebraska Capitol photos by John Nollendorfs,

Legislative Representation

Because the actions of the legislature have increasingly broad and far-reaching impacts, respected and competent representation at the state legislature is critical to the future success of many private and public entities. Government representation is a specialty service requiring experience, knowledge, tested ability, well-developed personal contacts, and a solid reputation.

Mueller Robak LLC has achieved its status as Nebraska’s premier lobbying and government relations firm through its use of a team approach to client representation. All firm members participate in the development and implementation of an effective government relations program and are kept current on the status of client legislation. At critical junctures all firm members join in an “all-out” lobbying effort. The collective expertise and contacts of all firm members are utilized on behalf of every client. This team approach enables us to lobby whole committees and the entire membership of the legislature in the critical hours or minutes when legislation is being debated and considered.


As a complement to its lobbying efforts, Mueller Robak has developed a detailed legislative monitoring system. Mueller Robak LLC continually tracks the progress of all legislation pending before the Nebraska Legislature. This bill tracking and committee monitoring services are labor intensive, but produce timely and accurate information for client decision-making. Regular reports on the progress of legislation of interest and client initiatives that may affect the operations and well-being of our clients assure on-going client involvement and afford our clients an informed analysis throughout the legislative process.


Mueller Robak LLC has also become one of the foremost lobbying and government relations firms in Nebraska for project management. When a complex issue requires a working coalition, Mueller Robak LLC is adept at assembling appropriate organizations and specialists, coordinating the activities and professionals required to achieve a successful resolution.

Mueller Robak’s reputation as one of the most effective lobbying firms in Nebraska is reflected both in the satisfaction of our clients and in the respect of fellow participants in the legislative process. Mueller Robak values that reputation.

Legislative representation may include:

  • Direct advocacy and lobbying of Senators and their staff, Committee Counsel, and legislative aides
  • Development of comprehensive strategic and tactical plans to achieve specific objectives
  • Step by step advice through the legislative process, including:
    • Drafting of legislation;
    • Preparing hearing testimony;
    • Reporting progress on bills of interest;
    • Creating materials and summaries for use in contacting Senators;
  • Research and in-depth analysis of federal, state and local laws, including comparative study of the laws of other states
  • Counseling on compliance with newly enacted laws and corresponding regulations