Nebraska Capitol photos by John Nollendorfs,

Political Involvement and Political Action Committees

Involvement at every step in the political process can assist in strengthening relations. As a complement to legislative representation for its clients, Mueller Robak LLC can advise clients in the most effective ways to participate in the political process. As an important part of this process, Mueller Robak LLC can provide assistance in the regulatory and practical aspects of forming and operating a political action committee (PAC). A PAC can provide like-minded individuals with a means of increasing the attention given to their interests by legislators and other elected officials.

Mueller Robak LLC will assist in drafting the necessary forms for filing with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission and keep the PAC chair and treasurer apprised of new developments in the law and the reporting and legal requirements of operation. The firm also will participate and advise in the selection of candidates to receive PAC funds and help arrange for presentation of contributions. In addition, Mueller Robak LLC may advise on methods for increasing membership participation in a PAC and, as directed, assist in the implementation of fundraising drives.