Nebraska Capitol photos by John Nollendorfs,


Now, more than ever, businesses, trade and professional associations, and governmental entities must incorporate public affairs strategies into their day-to-day activities in order to navigate the complex and ever-changing governmental landscape. Mueller Robak LLC stands ready to assist with the challenges encountered in this constantly shifting arena. The firm’s five full-time lobbying and government relations advocates provide honest, ethical, and comprehensive lobbying and government relations representation in order to affect pending legislation, rules, or regulations.

The professionals of Mueller Robak LLC have extensive backgrounds in all areas of government, law, and politics. Firm members have served as:

  • Lieutenant Governor of Nebraska;
  • Chiefs of Staff to a Governor and a Mayor;
  • Staff to members of Congress;
  • Experienced litigators;
  • Veteran campaign consultants, managers, and strategists;
  • Political Science, Trial Advocacy, Education Law, and Government Relations instructors;
  • Legal Counsel to state Republican and Democratic parties;
  • Delegates to state and national party conventions;
  • State Young Republican National Committeeman;

Mueller Robak LLC has been chosen to participate in the national networks of government relations specialists for the prestigious MultiState Associates Incorporated and Stateside Associates to represent clients in Nebraska. These organizations conduct in-depth interviews with state and local professionals across the nation to create networks of government relations experts. References and track records are checked to find the very best lawyers and lobbyists in every state capital and major city in America. Mueller Robak LLC is honored to be associated with MultiState Associates Incorporated and Stateside Associates, and their clients. Mueller Robak LLC also has been selected as the Nebraska member of the National Association of State Lobbyists.