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It is essential that businesses, trade and professional associations and government entities actively engage in public policy to promote and protect their interests. The team at Mueller Robak can help you navigate the complex and ever-changing process of public policy development. Its attorneys and staff have the experience to provide honest and comprehensive representation to impact pending legislation or governmental rules and regulations.

What They can do for you

Legislative Representation

Mueller Robak established its reputation as Nebraska’s leading government relations firm through a commitment to teamwork and integrity in representing the interests of its clients. Working together through all aspects of representation ensures that the collective experience and relationships of all Mueller Robak team members are maximized in pursuing your goals.

Contract Procurement

The professionals at Mueller Robak have the skills and experience to provide you effective counsel in developing successful strategies to compete for and win government contracts. They can help you identify bid opportunities, craft comprehensive and competitive bid proposals, work closely with state and local agencies to ensure their understanding of your strengths, and fight to secure the appropriations necessary to complete important projects.

Local Government Representation

Mueller Robak represents clients at all levels of state and local government. Ordinances, building codes, and county and city zoning regulations have a profound impact on businesses and associations in Nebraska. Timely and effective representation, when these public policies are being developed, is critical in protecting and promoting your interests.

Grassroots Organization and Coalition Building

Engagement in the public policy decision-making process is essential to success in promoting your interests in today’s connected world, identifying and activating experts and supporters in the community is key to compiling information and educating legislators and public officials on the value of your policy goals.

Political Involvement and Political Action Committees

Mueller Robak not only advocates for your interests in the public policy development process but also provides advice and counsel in all aspects of the political campaign process. From navigating the regulatory framework for campaign involvement to establishing and operating a political action committee, the firm can assist in ensuring compliance and effective involvement at all stages.

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