Nebraska Capitol photos by John Nollendorfs,

Grassroots Organization and Coalition Building

Elected officials are understandably sensitive to the attitude of the public and to the concerns of their local constituents in particular. A letter, email, or telephone call from a constituent is often the most persuasive tools available when critical votes are at stake.

The professionals at Mueller Robak LLC are keenly aware of the value of well-organized and informed grassroots campaign efforts. Elected officials must be made aware of public support or opposition for an issue. Grassroots groups are built from community and business leaders, trade associations, employees, and other relevant organizations and individuals. The firm works to identify likely supporters and helps them connect with their local legislators, providing useful background information and educating supporters on the value and impact of their personal contact with elected representatives.

Through media relations, client newsletters to theirs members, and meetings with client members, Mueller Robak LLC can help to keep its clients’ supporters informed about legislators’ positions and the best avenues for influencing legislative action. It is also possible to arrange special opportunities for grassroots supporters to meet with government officials or attend special legislative receptions. The strategies employed ensure that elected officials take notice of the client’s issues and add value to the client’s ongoing efforts.


Grassroots organizing has become an integral part of many clients’ government relations programs. Personal contacts from constituents are often a critical element in an overall lobbying strategy. The firm’s experience in building grassroots organizations and melding them into a total government relations program can mean the difference between success and failure.


Mueller Robak LLC is experienced in building community and statewide coalitions in an effort to accomplish the specific client goals. Mueller Robak LLC can help build a strategic plan that establishes the intellectual framework for an issue and combines it with a coalition of key constituencies. Equally as important, the firm can help clients manage these relationships for the long-term so initial issue alliances can become ongoing strategic partnerships.